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The vast number of initiatives related to the Programme "Russian Managers in North-Eastern Italy", implemented for the first time in 1999, represent the concrete fulfilment of the Agreement memorandum signed between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Italian Government on the 5th June 2000 as for the commitment to promote training projects in Italy for young Russian managers in order to meet the requirements for evolution of the Russian economic system.

The Agreement memorandum was renewed during the visit of President Berlusconi in Russia in April 2002, by means of a new agreement concerning technical co-operation for the period 2002-2004.

The training programme for Russian managers in Italy organized by Informest is tightly connected with the "Russian Government Programme on Training Managers and Executives for the Enterprises of National economy of the Russian Federation (PMTP)" , launched by Presidential decree in 1997 and upheld by President Putin in 2000 for other 3 years. This programme, which is to be seen as a fundamental step forward on the way of developing new human resources in Russia, is aimed at retraining yearly 5,000 managers and consequently introducing in Russia the best and the most up-to-date management techniques that will allow a sustainable economic growth of the country.

The first three editions of the project, as well as the fourth edition, currently under way, have had the aim of providing Russian managers with quality training, both theoretical and practical, by means of courses organized in Italy for the first two editions and by means of a distance learning course for the third and the fourth edition.. The courses are followed by internships in Italian enterprises belonging to the same sector as the enterprises of origin of the participants.

In the course of running the projects, Informest avails itself of the co-operation of various Italian and Russian partners, such as the Russian partner Europoint o.o.o. and Italian non-profit partners with great experience in managerial training: Centro Produttività Veneto from Vicenza , Trento Academy for Trade and Tourism and TSM - Trento School of Management.

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