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The fourth edition of the Project was launched in April 2004 and will end in Summer 2005. Six training courses will be organised, focused on the following subjects:

  • Quality within the company
  • Management in the tourism sector
  • The role of consultant in the real services to SMEs
  • Company management, in particular for financial management
  • Decentralised financial services for enterprises (pilot training)
  • SMEs in the agricultural sector (pilot training)

Taking into account the positive results registered during the third editino, it was decided to repropose the distance-learning training, that will be followed by an internship period in an Italian company.

For the two courses "Decentralised services for enterprises" and "SMEs in the agricultural sector" , pilot initiatives within the project, a different training program will be structured, which does not foreste the e-learning phase.

On the whole 99 Russian managers will take part in the practical phase of the project, that envisages a period of internship in an Italian company.

All expenses connected with the stay in Italy of the Russian managers will be borne by the project.